The Jiggens



The line.

But thinking

Of artisanal

Junk drawers,

We must confabulate

The errors

Into narrative.


The catmas


We will it

To try out


With no

Aerobes present

The stack


Yet the Spirit


Takes place


Loss of threads.

Do not


The bones..

Dream transgalactic;

Worry not,

But construct

Total syntheses.


Plans for many creativity failed. Have had meditation prayer writing & hitting targets disrupted. So here’s a quick post. The one on the importance of dictionary/thesaurus (& endlessly distracting Wikipedia) for the poet or any author will have to wait. Did get my submission for the Jane Lumley prize in though. Hope this finds you well & entertained!

3 thoughts on “The Jiggens

  1. Sudden debutante! Emerging from the ectype, in ectoplasm feminine, herald of herself. ‘Woman is man’s all’ — we the sons and daughters of ‘an Olson’ and of Pound…

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