Discworld space turtle animation

That which we cannot see,
It opens paths to mystery
Inner feeling ever shifts
What before & what next befalls?
Last year whence?
And next year hence?
Where did we go?
What shall we do?
A vine to climb
Up mountain spine
The Law of Fives
We find on top
Copies 20 bucks a pop
And to the council
Just to get in
Bring, you must,
3 pints of gin
And to the wall
We rush to drive
To help illegals
Cross alive
All the way
To urban cores
Where cops engage
Denying war
But mix & math
And meth & Pez
We gather up crews for the Rez
We wake & bake & take the cake
We swarm the streets & meet the heat
We shape up, ship out, straighten & fly
Rocks revolt ‘gainst fracking’s sway
Our mega-tortoise planet-bearer,
Our bees & trees & refugees,
So save the date
And make it three
An adventure it would surely be

. ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – . ~ = – .

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