Those memories countless of innumerable days-idle

Lost in distractive circling-screw, app to app or magazine to book to brew

Net dependence unweathered, seeking of The Magic Bullet for one’s ills and failings

Goalposts forever shifting, as projects multiply, mutate, fall aside, recycle

Interpolation of self-help pointers and cure-all systems, all seeking ever, something to tie together more than ephemeral progress-process

Naught! Never yet came the day..

Perseverance, they say, is key, goal to sandwich, sober to studious, job hunt to dating game –

Yet no system will save him, no method can quash that which impels him

To tie together, finally, one day, a victory, to knot the cord again the next day and next –

Limit permutations. Yet also note new ideas [not to plunge headlong that instant though, keep eyes on structural glue]

To each there is a way and a season, and mine is not yours, nor any others’ mine

To each there is a way.. To structure. To reduce. To accumulate those 10,000 mile steps

No more to fall to circling, circling, circling, whether of the Feeds-reading or the many substitutions –

To cut that which stops you for days on end and after – & …


Thinking of assembling a scheduled posting routine, Monday and Wednesday mornings, to replace the flurries of daily posts followed by long silences. Cutting, thereby, time pressure on other writings, enabling me to progress better on submissions goals & so much more. Hopefully, this will allow me to also check all those quality and completeness boxes and promote each item a bit, as well as seeding more print-worthy verses &c, easing urge to post the first thing written, …. Yadda yadda yadda. Also considering doing one of the two more along the lines of ‘art-of-life’, something topical to current events, or another thing I have insight and experience to, and the other weekly post more pure word art. But since I don’t really control what I sit down to write, and have been notoriously bad at sticking to things all my life, we’ll see.. I think the habits I’ve devised may work this loop of the merry-go-round. More on which, perhaps Wednesday. YMMV, and of course to each his own. Wish me luck! I’ll need it I’m sure, however well aligned and confident I feel right now. 


Note, if you struggle with smartphone problems, guess what, *there’s an app for that too!* .. Currently installed here, BreakFree, Quality Time, Habits, I Can’t Wake Up!, and IFTTT .. Currently not installed, Facebook, Twitter, Hacker News, & Wikipedia. Added Tumblr back yesterday for a reason.. As always, YMMV, and I am overtime on this post. Best wishes! Resistance is never futile – & …

3 thoughts on “Timewise

  1. Good luck though i think it unnecessary: if you get something out then you’re onto a winner. I recommend projects though & on the side something easy a conceptual frame you can turn to i have my Chinese interpretation poems & library of babel poems, which keep me busy have a certain quality but are essentially exercises i can use to keep posts ticking over while i work on more important things. If you can find thus niche for yourself you may solve your problems.

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  2. I actually have like 3 projects, various polymorphisms of other projects floating in mind, and numerous side activities or wishes thereof. And often they change places and shapeshift. So it is key for me to set defined things. But I must then keep myself convinced those are the right ones (right or wrong) long enough to execute, while they continue to melt together. So, while it may seem unnecessary, to this I, it is needed to wrangle itself toward the outcome it wants. Babel poems sound neat. I have some things with resonance to that I’ve been holding back to use for submissions. A 2nd read would be welcome, esp. from you. My address is cooper.dozier@gmail.com if you want to send me your address.


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