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    1. I’ve usually done only 1 or 2 passes of editing, and normally that’s just small changes in the process of typing up the handwritten stuff. Though I do find myself making more changes in revising my last book, (now 13 months since publication). Or when assembling the text files into manuscripts. But I have gone so far off that routine now… Stuff I first type gets no edits, often, except a scan for typos/autocorrect pickups. But the sense I meant, as far as the addled brain was meaning anything when I wrote that this morning, was in the sense of scriptures or other ancient documents, being twisted, permuted, or changed utterly by later editors with an axe to grind, mistranslating or misunderstanding the originals.

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      1. those meddling scribes putting their own thoughts in there. makes you wonder what could have been. the Christianity that became was essentially due to Ambrosia & Augustine at Nicene deciding on the theology that would rule for centuries & cause countless wars— early Christianity was full of promise. this was just the beginning of a long slew of misunderstanding. shit really.


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