Night Notes – 2/2/2017

Assemblage . . . Cataplexy – – – Apoplexy
No divisions remain. Destruction of the
trumpsters. Whatever. Failure of the
whales. Elemental standing. Crucifixion.
Nothing assembling. Nothing adding.
Incoherence . . . .

Imagine that you are addressing
your readers for a moment . . :

Relate to stability;
“Rage, rage against the dying of
the light,” that, perchance, it
may not die.

Elections are not destiny. But neither
are they without consequence. Ably
storming . . unseparate uncaught. Terraforming,
to what we know not . . Noxious fuming
samples, unbroken unbruised. A tribute
to all, a loss of some.

Republic’s unguarded, no rations for
screws, reactive unwanteds leave unions
for crews. The street signs unchanging,
the weather unwell, the fragments
re’ranging, got quivers of spells.

A movement awakened, a crowd exposed.
Who holds the loudspeakers? Who
weathers the trolls? How long do
they carry? How long hold the seams?
What must think the neighbors, and
what words do they speak? What
methods to mend? What methods to
hint? Or at who do they aim, of what
do they dream? Of each realignment,
of each apparition, of each dart
of malice, of each gerrymander, of
each question thought, and each
left unanswered.

Today is your day, as always it may,
as always it be. But see what is
wrought and see what is bought. The
present is all, all ever is was, the
uncountable instant, the ever unsought.

A mind for an instant, each nexus
you cross, a crystal of presence, a
hard heart to crack, a verseless balance,
a threat to outrun, a message a
minute, a unit of thought.

See, the world is your canvas, the dire
chance now. But tribes misalign,
and hurt ever seeds, all echo bubble
chambers, all misattribution, all death-
grip dogma, all follow-the-leader.

So what does they choose? And who
is they be? All uncertain laughter,
all hard ragin’ tears, so think first
and after, breathe deep challenge fear.

A rhythm is playing, a torrent askew,
it’s all in the balance, ever was ever
will, a river is flowing, all over
this Earth, we’ll not get another, we’ll
not stand back soft, so light darkened
faces, together aloft!

So maybe you won’t, or maybe you will.
Choose methods and verses, try not take
a spill. But your life is this moment,
this day, this year. Make it stick,
make it strong, & do never lose

Aside from stuff like my postcard project, sidewalk chalk messages, the openness of windshield wipers to planting of messages, I’ve also learned of another mechanism
that allows one to send to every address on a mail route (400-700 @ 17.7cents each)

Every Door Direct Mail . Plus printing costs.. You could, in theory combine this with
POD infiniprint options to produce 50 different messages per mailing instead of 1.
Also some people recommend writing of messages on paper money as a spiritual practice…
But can indiscriminate analog art or politicking make a difference? It seems a worthy

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