Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

I’m leaning towards, if you take this up and decide to post them, avoidance of including the serial numbers. If you thought people who got your verses might get value from treating them as collectors items, you might want to be sure to include serial numbers. Advantages over postcards: passes through many hands/eyeballs, good chance others will add on or pickup, money highly unlikely to be thrown away, no printing, stamping, or address deciding time or money cost, less time to write or archive. Seeding unpredictable changes…

Forgot to add: had been meaning to try spellwork-by-dollar for some time. Last week I put some symbols front and on back the same as the first pic on a 1. Today got paid with a 5 that had written ‘black lives matter’. Cannot recall last time I saw an annotated bill. Synchronicity, although temporally spaced…

Notable news: notwithstanding the multiplicity of extant & extinct alternative currencies, this obit from this week’s Economist newspaper of an artist of money-like objects: JSG Boggs

6 thoughts on “Seeding Chaotic/Emergent Information Flows: another method (++addendum,++)

    1. Tx. I had seen notated money before, but it was a mention in ‘Evolutionary Witchcraft’ that brought it to top of mind (very eventually; I got the book on my birthday 2007). Just added a note of interest to the end a second ago, btw. Will get back to your ALS comment today most likely.

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