4 different methods of poems +


Learned last night at the open mic that elephants can swim. Blew me away when it really registered, although at first I though nothing of it. Reposting this with an added poem (1st below), because apparently Google rejects things that are so thin on text. At least I think it’s that and not that I just hooked up publicize to Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Google+. It would be irritating if syndicating none-too-frequent posts had the result of being penalized on SEO. :p

Discordian Postcard Conspiracy #202

SNAFUs are not always avoid-
able, yet should not be assu-
med to be inevitable. The bit-
bucket peeping toms continue
to feast on the still-living body
of Privacy & Human Rights.
There are treatments for brain-
eating amoebas & prions, are
there not? Aren’t there? Uh-oh….
Loop by samples, stop by scatt-
erings, set topwise ordinals
and tuck in the blues… None
are sharper than fungi & corv-
ids, but our dimensionally con-
strained perceptions can’t pro-
be that by conventional means….

Didn’t record all the details on this batch … probably someone involved in mindfulness or yoga training or research somewhere…

flip the bucket fire
ablaze the crackle shot moon
satisfying bang



The fourth poem, and some other ‘+’ is at the new Message, Quote, and Link of the Day at Psychic Fugue Studio – …nose piercings, that had begun to appear in the orders, since celibacy & cloistering requirements had been dropped. …


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