Proliferation of Puzzle Pieces


Stabilizing over the courses of days & moments & weeks & months

Much and more is done, can be done

Not to be fretted at by overloaded lists; context of folding, possible against real

The rotation of the sun, & the dynamics of push & rest –

Rest, one must rest;

continuous pressure of lack of salary; never a time to step off the expectation of doing something pointful, no matter how much time is flushed

Scraping by a ten here and there; semi-splined and over-powered

Sick unwilling, shrike by shroved, semi-split and untwined

A halfway recollection of things, dreams, loops unpausing

Stay, dear ones, no choice but sleep, let be, let see, let speak, let do


Images: Bedlam Cube – 19,186 solutions available, yet said to be difficult

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