Undefined Operat(ors)(ives)(ions)

0425171806The picketers in the dream were rock-solid – a rock crusher was brought in. Unmoved, the Raven of Stars began xyr¹ dance. The fires were aglitter in all the cities, towns, villages, & hamlets, on all the continents. While we had taken into account to be no wise certain, we were also quite sure, !- but excuses, excuses, excuses; a doumbek lent us rhythm, while our hearts lent us melody, in a landscape made of candy crystals, also, overall, there was an aura of tomfoolery & intransigence; a jot for a nickel, & an embassy for your thoughts. While None to the others played the pan pipes of luminosity, at the same time the lines laid down by the mega-piccolo were shot through with the skittling of unsuspected leafy green intellects -/( )~ As the interrupts got persnickety, so the ranged hordes of gnomic sages guffawed & ballyhooed, bringing down the massive walls of Salt Lake City by the clarity of their ceaselessness and causelessness. A poniard of ring-tailed deceit & chattering treachery was slapped out of a hand, and a basilisk cooed under the masseuses thumb.

¹ had written ‘xe’s’, not knowing the gender-free possessive(s), but looked it up a minute ago

Got the submission for the M.A. Hadley Prize done 45 minutes under the wire 2 nights ago. There was not time for second drafts, but sometimes, a compressed timeline can produce far better work far quicker than endless time to dither, fret, slack, & revise. Cut from the tail of this poem: “!e(to the pi power), spin up, spin down” ; wordpress offers superscript 1-4 in the special characters, but does not have a superscript function to make any character an exponent. a workshop I took in November, the instructor said that much of her work with students is knocking off endings that the writer has tried to pin on, an awkward bow to bring closure. I’ve been writing on index cards — sometimes a forced end can distort where you were trying to go, but most times, it is easier to just tie the fucker off at an arbitrary boundary. The running-out-of-space of the card alerts your mind to wrap it the fuck up, easily; trust in the process, trust in your deep mind.




Both of the drawings are currently pinned up, free for the taking & signed, at the local Heine Bros Coffee bulletin board; advantage to those who know where I live ..

the chalk thing, people often walk by, I know from my front window. But if you put them at bus stops, they will be noticed. there are also 1/4 page printouts of Self Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001,Atemporal Pisky Topologies, Simple (unpublished) on that bulletin board.

2 thoughts on “Undefined Operat(ors)(ives)(ions)

  1. Trust only the instant, never the mind. ‘Learning’ can be tempered (and skimmed off — the greatest wish for trick not tomfool) by attendance to the joy spontaneously occurring and recurrent should you be OPEN to the Olsonic shamanic ‘twy tidal’ TIDES of man in his time. Unadulterate. Anti-literate. Directorship has poor effect upon art. The archetypes silent unstoic. The motion, the post and pivot, self-effacement and not concern for effect or explanatories.

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  2. The only artery to strength is candor and vice versa. Only the self-doubters have to hide. Break the walls of YOUR privacy, not another’s. Deepen no more the self-dubiety. The amative, non-correlative, and never self-referential, and good morning to all!

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