Hit a vein of good stuff clicking on the ‘possibly related’ beneath the new post. The first of the 5 (so far) may have been better, but I am not diverting to triple check things, so this is the one shared. You should see the same ‘possibly related’ starting line if you click on todays post, if I understand WordPress’ software internals correctly (in this case I do, but it is not always so)

Lost in Mist

Drifting demotic down the tubes of the gyre the release ever thus became and under the dripping of the faucet the insanity took hold
Mentioning no names but compiling lists of the nameless, the bureaucracy of the tubes became thus on a whim of trilling of the mockingbird, or over the sandwich made out death warrants
And all because the nameless became the enemies of the others; the time was ripe for the smashing of the glass, yet none dared to take it, though escape was assured
All became beings of stone, ever caring little for the plight of the lost, knowing nothing of their struggles, and ever devaluing, depersonalizing, and slandering ever thus the delights of the attempts to retake hold of the delight of the earlier times
But ever undone by angels the loss is one you cannot recover, at least according to one, once the island of…

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