Writings of Aakriti Kuntal

Prompt: A Beautiful Mind #napowrimo

Objective: To differentiate the real from 

the seemingly real

the axiom states that ‘ You cannot, never completely ‘

All understanding of truth

is but a construction

of like-minded beings,

with a set of senses, perception and thought processes

Step 1.

Make a dot. Replicate it. Grow it like gaseous stars in the womb.

Join them. Crosses, fires, and lights. A network. A mesh.

Build an image of life as it for others.

Sketch an amorphous floating sphere around it and

term it as ‘ normal ‘.

The ‘normal’ is your first definition of real.

Step 2.

A tether. Grow a wire. Straight from the pulmonary matrix.

Let it waver. It is a stem. A sapling. It has its own motion.

Do not take control. Let it be.

Let it attach. To the closest manifestation of love around you.

A form, a person, a…

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