3 poems w/ writing advice. 4/23, 4/29

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/23/ny-stages-topless-parade-with-60-cities-worldwide/ :::: Google Images terms: megaphone beltway

Imagining warlords
Cut through by chaos
That was a fucking intelligent move
Try once for the battle
Try twice for the people
Try eighteen times for love
Speak in tune with quiet
Speak for the broken Beltway
Watch for loud hailers
Watch for patchwork quilts
Watch the time for rage
Watch the time for questions
Watch what’s in your heart

Tuck type
Tip tubes
Razor wire
And chicken coops
No balalika
No music here
Only TV and noise
Only luminous sympathy
Only sad sad tales
Only arrangement of puzzles
Only a choice to check out
Only a way to pass time
Cut loose, but without isles
Cut loos, & restrained
Cut in by degrees
Cut in on the skinny
Cut down & re-worked
Mockery without joy
Mockery of tickled pinko
Some by night,
While some by sea
No balance of favors
Cuts through the imagery
Let us rehearse
Where we wish to be

Don’t go back or correct or rework
You can try later
By their nature – things look super different
A day or six or a month later
Draw a line to stop
Draw it and be calmed
Tent canopies
Be careful, be loose
Do not write everything per se
Do not wait for inspired ideas
Do not take care without a dolphin friend
Do not check devices, nor eliminate
All ‘avoids’ and ‘advices’;
Never prohibitions or mandates
By the book is one way to go
But in looseness, you find your own patterns
Ever-shifting; inexact; uncounted; unwritten
Trust the process
Make it your own

I have reestablished my habit of doing pages of free poetry after the Morning Pages; not that I ever did work her entire program. Only 2 currently (poetry), not the eight of early 2015. And in 2015 I usually wasn’t doing morning pages. It is much easier, by the way, to handle this on wide-ruled paper. A page of poetry will often take only five minutes. Paper discourages instant editing, which I believe is good for productivity. It will take some time to reestablish the review, selective typing up, and second pass editing that led to my first two ebooks (of which, the revised and polished version, Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes is now behind my latest planned release schedule). It is, of course, easier to manage this when not nightly destroying yourself and having to rebuild in the morning. But the stress of too-many-projects eventually creeps up. Anyway … I’m digressing. There are also other ways to use/do automatic writing, but that is out of scope.

Emotional Self-Sufficiency is hard won over years, and once had, one does not want to surrender it. – Cooper Dozier

Balance is the work of a lifetime. – Cooper Dozier

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