Backspin Slot Machine Enigma

Sliding by the lucky numbers

Erupting one by one in the queue

Tailor-made for your death,

The cigarettes roll off the machines by the trillion

Slivers and buzzing bees, befuddlement and stereo-code

When the president goes for psychiatric treatment, he will have a locked ward all to himself, and all the staff will need highest level security clearances

For at most 3 weeks

Symbiotic code worms

Invisible wires to outer space

Lies & delusions

Applied chaos & emergent complexity systems theory in politics & culture

Domain name squats, fire ants, killer bees, Discordian wizards

Slip by the warriors, sneak hamburgers on the sly

Quite the phase space surface, quite the dimensional conundrums

Stop, drop, and unfold –

The dreams are communications from all the minds of Earth in parallel

St /// interrupted by a neighbor ///

19 thoughts on “Backspin Slot Machine Enigma

    1. After I wrote this I considered the possibility. I have had mental inquest warrants taken out on me twice. It takes two material witnesses going before a special judge and describing how the subject is an imminent danger to self or others. Technically I would say military strikes with excessive and/or unnecessary civilian casualties qualify, but the system would probably disagree. There are other ways but I’ve read on Wikipedia that those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder almost never seek help unless forced. They do plenty of damage but are unable to see that their behavior is problematic in any way. That said, psychiatric diagnoses are a thicket of uncertainty, ambiguity, and unclarity in general terms, tho perhaps not in every case. There are alternative approaches like

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      1. i can’t quarrel with bombing as a form of mania. i’ll have a look at the link at a quieter moment. Do you mind talking more about why mental inquest warrants were taken out on uou. i will not be offended of course if you refuse, i am merely interested in what somebody has to do in this society to have the warrant of such an inquest brought against them.


      2. I had been drinking heavily for 5ish months on insurance from totalling a car (telephone pole). Got kinda wacky. The triggering event 1st time when was my roommate at the time saw me dump a bottle of kava liquid extract into my beer. I estimate the 1 oz bottle was about 1/4 of a traditional dose, but that certainly is not the label’s advice. 2nd time I had been out of hospital for a week. I had bought an axe and it was sitting on the table when he got home. I had no plans for it I knew of, it was more of a magical talisman. Had lost and failed to fill the risperdal rx from the first hospital. I recall falling asleep in the armchair, then he walked in axe gone, followed by two sheriffs. He claimed I beat on his door and threatened him in a blackout. He recently had his own Looney phase in the apartment upstairs of me, but that involved terrorizing his roommates for weeks and ended in jail with shots fired by officers but no injuries.


      3. Also got an anonymous death threat in my email on Sunday. Didn’t take it seriously tho, or I did, but I believe the intent was to make me paranoid and unstable, not carry it out. Somewhat more complicated, going to post about it at my leisure. Then when it didn’t have its effect they broke my internet, just my desktop. Only ATT can fix it, but they’re not convinced yet. The other five devices that four people use on this connection are unaffected. I think it probably relates to the postcards, so, in a way, it’s a flattery; it must have had a real effect.

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      4. They’re mostly addressed to ‘poetry fans on staff’ and should have some space for a verse. And whatever is on the front page of will probably be seen when they get around to it.

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      5. My mention of civilian casualties actually referred to some badly done ground raid recently, not a bombing. Forget which country, but seems like it must be Iraq cuz they wouldn’t want to acknowledge special forces details in Syria or Yemen.

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      1. Hey, DPM, listen: As long as we work toward the makers retaining their rights, their possibility for realizing income, AND their predilections in the public/private arenas — and I do mean we NEED unanimity in this amity — then culture’s invasiveness into privacy won’t be nearly as draconian as it seems right now (cf. The Disney bitcoin ransom). And ‘culture’ can be ‘righted’. This is not the hour for piracy in the Western countries — unless we want to demean life and art forever. It’s a pivotal time. So saying, there MUST BE a middle path between the following, equally sobering truths: First, the Greek Cavafy. ‘What are we to do without the Barbarians? Those people were some sort of solution’. And Edward Dahlberg: ‘Savages are neither artists nor the poets of Eros’. Or some such. It’s fairly simple, in my glance: money as conscienceless Baal, or celebration of world and man through the prismatic focus of those who can move and enchant us with their work. Don’t utter ‘screw ’em’ without having considered this knotty quandary. Not saying you were advocating piracy or anything like that…

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