17 thoughts on “Improvisation 5-16-2017 – SoundCloud

      1. The only photo here is one from my sound cloud post, sidewalk chalk saying ‘uncertain warriors visibility is key [benzene ring, chaos butterfly, language symbol {symbols}]’. That’s all *I posted, anyway. Is there a man-in-the-middle muffler?

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      2. If they want to keep interfering with me long enough, it begins to cost more and more and become increasingly PROVABLE by more and more people. Incompetent persons incriminating themselves. I do like your stuff, but am not on wordpress 24.7 so I don’t always see it. Did see your six poems in underfoot today, which were cool. I will be asleep soon (doors locked, just in case).

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      3. No. But I sent them something yesterday. It turns out that Spalding sometimes waives their bachelor’s degree requirement for the MFA in creative writing. I also sent the thread to three other people I know. You do need 3 letters of reference. And my Mom was like ‘can you get them?’ And I said I could, but that I might be able to drum up a few more as well and mentioned you. Something current and more familiar with my writing could be helpful, rather than a visual art professor and an IT director I worked for long ago. Anyway that’s not really on the cards until fall 2018.

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      4. I think so. It would only take me two classes to get a Liberal Studies bachelors, but I was actually studying Design, Arts, and Technology, which is infeasible now since some of the classes are only every two years. An MFA in writing would seem more useful and still only be 2 semesters I think? And she said that if you had over 90 credit hours the requirement could be waived. After transferring and changing majors and fooling around, I must have over 130 from the combined transcripts, I think.

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      5. My therapist says that having any degree, of any kind, opens all kinds of doors. Meanwhile, most people who teach and most published poets seem to have MFAs. An added credential, for any grants or prizes or any other types of jobs I could apply to. A artificial, perhaps, but still useful, illusion of credibility. Anyway I think it would be fun.

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      6. Degrees are helpful. Sort standard issue things. i couldn’t be where i am if i didn’t have one. i think you’re right that an MFA opens doors. i am a stubborn person who is hell bent on forging some distinction by the verve of my own efforts. i’m not a clever person but i know my strengths & play to them. So long as i have my senses i have a means. i keep hoping my choppy experiences in the Orient will get me recognized. Incrementally i seem to inspire something in a few. Onwards n’ up.

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