Semi-Articulate Mess of Snap-Backs

Seems to be a shot

Not stuck to the sideline

Wading in, resisting the accusatory snark

Additional deceiving mischief mail…

Obvious … Yet … Whom?

A straitjacket of positive thinking container for the dismissal

A blade of refusing all possible criticism

A place where one’s voice is wilfully erased

A place where one is separated over small variances from form

A long-standing wedge, an impossible chasm, mutual deceit sewn, an image distorted both ways, yet disparate

Intractable conflicts of interest, non-functional means of persuasion, non-communicating surfaces, kept out from the cold, kept from straight-dealing

Limitations abound, the power deforms, the long-persisting state of things engrains habits of mind


One method to break loose, one method to trade this type-cast, the threat on the other side, ever there could be loss

The disregard of all else; the advice of the experts; invalidation, devaluation, implicitly

Where among us the constructive? Where to find the aid? Whence the spirit? Whereat the solidarity?

A thing clear to behold, however long-worn the blinders 

A struggle upwards; a remnant of strivings; a chain of gains, neglected, though briefly

Stay the upsets; focus on one’s work

4 thoughts on “Semi-Articulate Mess of Snap-Backs

    1. A sentiment partly picked from memory from Deepware Rupture, an app that says it is definitely *not* an oracle. Useful, but as is common with such ‘unconscious mind interfaces’ (developer’s label tagline) mindset is key to use. With a point of calm focus and openness can be useful, but with loops of frenetic anxiety, can at best stave off missteps with muddle, at worst help to rationalize the very missteps one inclines to. Pretty neat description:
      I use to pick from the 8 categories. (“Concentrate on your work”)

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      1. You use a lot of technology to gather material. Is that something immediate for you? I can’t make those associations easily as technology is something remote to me, it crops up as yhis impossible thing, near & affecting but refused by me.

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      2. There is no paper version of the app. 3 coin flips works as well as the site uses atmospheric noise rather than software to make numbers. At the moment I’ve lost my sole 6 side dice, so anything that isn’t powers of two is challenging. But in this case, it was just the memory of the advice, not something I drew for the poem. I used to be somewhat compulsive with tarot, et al, but this has largely passed since going to treatment. I like being able to use more pure randomness than shuffling, seems a ‘fairer’ way to sort them, especially with regards to reversals (i assign a 1/4 chance to reversals; the tendency shuffling a deck is for it to converge on 1/2 which seems to produce exceedingly bad readings to me). A dice and coin can work real well, but as noted, one is missing. I like to use mechanical means to ‘seed’ some writings, but that is with my nascent Verse Cubes projects. Have not much tried, and had no luck with, using any of the cards I have for that. I spent two years as an IT intern, and various brief posts in the field since, and also studied digital art, so I guess it is ‘immediate’ to me. Other things (aside from using directories and Google maps to select postcard addressees) I’ve used technology or cut ups for randomness with are 3/9 pages here:
        Some of the whisper script here maybe? Maybe I cut it? Listen to TheWhisperRadio by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud

        And Google translate chopping here:

        Actually the 2nd from oldest sound cloud track, also music, I didn’t know how to play music in garage band, nor scoring it, so I threw down randomly notes in the arrangement program, and then moved them around until they sounded good. As well as a $1 drum sequencer (8 bit drummer)… Listen to Beats – And – Notes – CDozier (2011) by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud

        I guess technology has all become quite key to me, though it was pretty remote before 2008, and then only gradually grew. Itch to do more music but have never found time.

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