Sliding apart, the puzzles…

It is still early days
Avoiding the black hole

The book of experts states:

It takes three or four months to become easy

Rapidly cycling on/off six more times

Not an ideal idea

The black hole of the armchair, of the cell phone;

Do not work yourself into a sadness –

Forward progress, yet a moving target –

Do not be drawn over that minefield;

That one may cross to you, if that is their wish

On hold, yet not for long

Assemble to dream

Speak with care in due time

Let the news watch for itself

Lock it out till sundown

2 thoughts on “Sliding apart, the puzzles…

  1. Not to describe the whole story, but something(s) caused me to quit the internet and TV for 3 years in 2004-07. My parents got me an Economist subscription. Wasn’t doing much radio or newspapers either. They were very peaceful, despite the concealed imaginary fears. But I saw this article on quitting the news some months back:
    Worth a read. And I still haven’t got TV. Recently had a spin with Google Play Newsstand, which shows a very different picture than NPR/Economist/(limited)facebook&Twitter . since I tuned in in the middle of the whitehouse core meltdown starting tho, it proved very habit forming and I had to disable it eventually. Trying to limit my ‘glowing rectangles’ time overall, but especially the cell phone, as of this year. There are lots of upsides, though, another spin with phone news/games is probably preferred to another spin getting sloshed, if that’s what it takes.


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