Snapping off the totality…

Reasonable binges over limited times

Break state against highlighted codes

Attempt one pushover, slide forth the pawn

Trawling for leads over the sea of many-minds

Flip script & re-tune, bail out the pumpkinheads while supergluon pranksters obtain

Allotments of question marks overrun, ampersands & exclams, bang tags programmatically traded

Close to the inner wire, thankless and revamped

Stabilizing over the wrongnesses of time stamps, perpetually pestered for GPS fixity**

The most one could say is ‘open season’, the least ‘a contraposto imbalance’

Yet unaware and unalike, alien rangers slide down the river-dusk

In time, in time, let be, let be, let do, as such, where charges unfracked

The corollary of colonials, stepped on and replicated, synthetic bashers, mind bending foods

A sentence? Whyever? Such as is when; as is requisite; as is a determinate field of thoughts; as is & as if, as if one knew, as if one knows, where the words go; a different methodology holding variant possibles, the fusion the which of between, lost together; uncountable infinites, yet not without fruits; cracking fictions against the formless, the frictions and hybridizings, yetthoughstill, iterating over and between both, further infinities to explore became resultant… …

Still by altercations, by gross piling up & over of uproars (peculiarity & curiosity; as such a redounding* lack of criticality; a place to grow in freedom without concern) a simple plan and long-run practice, clips and fidgets, unbound and self-entangled

Blithely unpuzzled, smoothly cruising at 130, while indeed only a singular foot in altitude, unsmashed and nearly on time; the elven technologies mitigated to the irregulars favor…

Yet not screwed down, perpetually one while perpetually unfixed, certain of no graces or objectives, the deceit of all-and-any words, thrown forth by forceful bursts of Qi of zeitgeist, assembled and underscored by lack of intents, stopped and spun sideways, a.ways by highwayside…

Limited by continued fraction, stopped against the wood heap for smoke, puff and pizzle there ‘mongst the rats ‘n’ bunnies ‘n’ scoobies, alert, at rest, put together in disheveled styling, in interstices of plotted progressions, stopped and quit, angels apace………


**Google Maps and Quick Memo+ can be used fine without GPS location switched on, but try to fool you otherwise, and will perpetually nag you for it every bloody time forever …. A bone to pick with developers…

*a real word, not a typo. Neither rebounding nor resounding. Look it up.

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