Limitations, Circadian Rat-Screw

Slap the aces one by one

Ticking over the superposition of 3 types

Not by a shave, but by a timewave

We wake and form a forthright thrust

We sleep on dreamscapes restructured by corporate raiders (…°)

Loss of isles of verse

Ideas and words, infinite, ever-shifting \

Unlike Pokemon,

Impossible to catch them all;

Impossible to know what’s popped from mouth or pen

“We understand others, only through ourselves”**

There is no lost idea : The stream is ceaseless, unhalting, eternal now &

No beginning, no permanence of phenomena, turtles, turtles, turtles, all the way down, ’til down becomes up, and up thence unravels – henceforth,

Regard all as looking-glass-ways

/// (((

Topside turnabout for better mousetrap – ;

Formless without limitations –

Bursting forth in cosmic bloom –

Just.As.We.Are :: In Becoming


**quote mine, from as yet unpublished and unsubmitted poem “[communion]”

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