Switched theme to ‘Coherent’ which promises logical consistency, somehow.  It was sorta impulsive, but Piano Black had been obsolete and unsupported for years. Hence there is no going back, the click of no return. I have usually found something to dislike with all the newer themes, but perhaps I will eventually find one that I dig. Or at least spring for an upgrade so I can make it black-ish again. Not digging the smartphone appearance so much, but I think the structural linkages may make it a keeper when I get round to studying and configuring it properly. Perhaps any MITM chicaneries that may or may not have taken place will also be tougher with modern theme-code.

[note: not actually that I hate all the new themes, that is a misthink, but that none of them seemed fitting for this blog in particular. Free designs have left my mindset out … Perhaps I’ll find one on closer looks]

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