Variant Novel Angular

Perceived as a quite odd image I am guessing (?). Seeing how intensively white paint/yellow light the uncropped shot is, I register that overreliance on ‘safe’ white is not a permanent or immutable quality of human patterns. Then very quickly snaps through my mind the earlier radio show segment on when/how VR/Augmented Reality glasses (or neural wires …..!$ fright) will(?) become ubiquitous. (on e interviewee said that “no one is ever like ‘oh! Look at you, you wore shoes today”‘.  I dunno think I will skip it until far later than early wave….. But one cool use would be cutting down monotonous color, and making it temporary or fluid, like the walls (AR glasses).. I have in past complained of the laziness and overuse of white in web design. Hadnt really noticed any annoyance with overly white walls til now. The tech could also be added to a thin film covering of the walls/objects, rather than a person wearable device.. Whoops, the infinities of extra memory or logging start popping out. Like the paper in The Diamond Age (a sci-fi that is very strange and not in a hippie way) yet unalike.

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