Sideways & Crafty

Slide unwavering through the brush

Check back the prejudgements and overreaction

Cutting across potentialities unknown in an ugly red pen

Simmering up the magic of beanstalk bootstraps

Strain against the turning of the tide, yet all to no purpose; exclusively idle chatter

Loss of one’s balance is not improper

And why would you want to invest in onesuch to bolt with prejudice at the first wobble, then? Think on this…

Reversals of order and vapid assumptions

Shock-drops don’t whisper and conspiracies don’t shout

Go IN with a bang, go ON with rogue whales

Go sideways and crafty, go smart like the hover-bird

In time there is justice, in time there is patience

Onward forth rolls without thee, nor islands alone

One thought on “Sideways & Crafty

  1. How about a smile!!!??? No thing is grim except perspective / you / wash behind your ears / but / don’t cease trembling / hiding from yourself / in the / plain view of someone else. Merge those mirages and make merry!


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