Assemblages of ‘Spooks’

The ends of all things

No one questions the force of G(ravity)

Yet all is redacted

Unaware of fragments

Unaware of lands built of story and upwelling song, rather than atoms

Unaware of the drumbeat of marching backwardization

Beware of the Tubes

Beware of the Islets

Beware of the Ghost Factories

Beware of your heart

An assemblage of phantasmagoric goons

An assemblage of bump-in-the-night

An assemblage of illusions and linguistic ‘spooks’ *

Our temporary redoubt of rest and weariness on the plain of God

Stretch the cataclysmic shield

Stretch the catalytic verses

Unwire & unwave, collecting up the droplets of harm & puzzlement

Stop in perplexity

Rest until the mud settles out

* : Wiktionary :

(philosophy) A metaphysical manifestation; an artificial distinction or construct.

He who is infatuated with Man leaves persons out of account so far as that infatuation extends, and floats in an ideal, sacred interest.Man, you see, is not a person, but an ideal, a spook. — Max Stirner
<<< Me: as Korzybski’s general semantics, which Robert Anton Wilson informed me of. Language is filled with spooks, particularly wherever any form [edit: any form of “the ‘is’ of identity”, not ALL ‘is’] of ‘is’ is applied with the presumption of fungible groups. E-prime does away with ‘is’ entirely? RAW says that many of his books have been written in that manner. Not that you’d know it without checking. As presented in Quantum Psychology and Cultic Twilight , the 22nd being the introduction to Everything is Under Control >>>

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