The Heart Pounds a Millisecond Alarm

Half-spasming, the altercations took place blearily in the rising dawn, all irritable down to being beerless since last call, and this being Sunday, the cafe would not serve till 10, and the corner store till 1. And so the collisions begin…

Time was, back in antediluvian days, all might be sorted instead by a fistful of mushies and that which ran on and ensued…

By turns alarmed, by twists beguiled, by charms entranced, by trickeries unveiled, we beat on, helicopter seeds on the currents, swashbuckling in the arena of digital pandemonium –

Yet betwixt the shelves, inside the stacks, covertly gettin’ busy, between blinks of eyelids, and as the hypnotic voice intones, we drop through phantasies:

Whence & beyond, drifting to unconsciousness, a sudden voice, a *pop* of an image, a jarring flush of fear, as one does see, velociraptors in your kitchen &!

<< More postcards to come later on >>

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