Base Puzzle

Who is it for? And how do I find them?
What, in all, does it say?
Studying over what to switch and what to cut and what to spotlight –
Not the same as examining your own content …

Not the same as working out what, in fact, it is that you have, in fact, said.

“I can’t tell ya how proud I am / Writin’ down things that I don’t understand” – Black Math — The White Stripes

It is my understanding, however that the simplistic conception of ‘white’ and ‘black’ magicks is thought by most? modern witches as both wrong and racist. “xyz is a tradition of multi-colored magic” one might say. Not to say that any explicitly spiritual practice is involved in the writing of my poems in general. I am with Jack White’s point, though. Needing to know what it ‘is’ you’re writing before writing it can be the largest impediment to any writing. Perhaps it works OK for others. It is a massive hassle for me to try going that way. For resumes and applications, I have resorted to brainstorming on index cards and later trying to assemble from there. Other prose articles I intend to write and submit recently and soon, have as yet to make it beyond accidental drafts. The new ‘About’ page at Poetic Postcards excepted, although that is not the exact form it needs for the magazine submission I want to do…

Poems in these drawings appear in Synaptic Syntactic, my ebook

Confusion using the new ‘beta’ wordpress editor for android (invisible pictures, but appear double posted in the preview. Cannot fix on device.

Bottom drawing: a fascist political party sticker I destroyed; peeling off the URL took only 2 seconds. Getting rid of most of the logo not many more. Keep an eye out…

In case anyone is confused, I just photograph the graffiti I dig; I do not paint it myself.

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