Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

A trash can at a coffee shop
Legible graffiti is my favorite type
These poems appear in my ebook; download it free at , buy it (and not hand over your email address to me) at Available at amazon kindle, ibooks, barnes and noble, kobo, and others. One day, probably not soon, ill be able to pay to get it made into a paper book.
An advertising campaign worth a shit. At convenience store register.

It is very true. To cut down, just 5 more minutes, just finding one more thing to do, before smoking, is the way to win. I would not recommend cutting down as a quitting strategy, but it is worth doing in its own right. I understand people who smoke in the house have much higher rates of depression. I dont have a citation for that, it was years ago when i read it. But i have, in the past 4-6 months, stopped smoking indoors, 90+% of the time. Also, smoking half cigarettes instead of full ones is helpful, though this doesnt work well with most brands, which are designed to burn fast, and not go out on their own. It is also important, as i noted @synapseweaver (my new purpose-specific twitter), to NOT try to quit impulsively. The subconscious (and surface thought) need time to prepare. Set a date at least two weeks ahead. It may flex some, we ARE working with the human CNS/mind, here. Such as, ‘i will quit in november, at a time when i have 3 days totally free of obligations and chores’ (august for me). This is an area where addictive cell phone games can be helpful, as its much easier to handle one more game than, say, working on a critical section of your dissertation, without resorting to cigarettes. I recommend Color Invasion and Tetris (Tetris has also been shown to be helpful for PTSD sufferers, per the research noted by the Curiosity app).

Nicotine replacement products recommend using the higher strength if you smoke first less than 30 minutes or an hour after waking up. Correspondingly, i have found that using 1 piece of nicotine gum and staving off the first half cigarette 30+ minutes makes all the cigarettes for the rest of the day relatively unenjoyable, though still compelling enough. After you do this for at least 3-5 days consistently.

They also recommend discarding (somewhere unretrievable is best, like a dumpster, not your house trash) all cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other paraphenalia before the quit time.

Nicotine replacement or other meds can be quite helpful, but this is heavily dependent on how youve developed your mind set to quit, and what shape its in at the particular stretch of hours on quit day 1.

 I havent tried chantix, but with chaantix you are recommended to smoke as much as you want the dirst week of the drug, then quit. This works on the principle that it blocks any ‘reward’ feeling from smoking, so the habit is deconditioned, as every cigarettes feels just like smoking something nasty and inactive. But vivid nightmares and suicidal ideation are among common side effects. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV, an axiom of the harm reduction and informed users community)

Hypnotherapy can also be helpful and there are apps for that. I have used the Harmony app. This is also preferred to repeat 5-100 times before quit day. Includes 3 free tracks, but you will have to pay to get the quit smoking one. After about 2 weeks it eliminated *searing* tension induced myofascial gum/jaw pain, when i first got it.

Anti-racist ‘vandalism’. A bus stop bench
“It is what it says it is” (a sewer cocer) ; a statement that i once got arrested by… Not really, they were going to arrest me for public intoxication either way (avoid falling asleep in public). The kratom extract was clearly labeled but they falsely charged me with synthetic cannabinoids. Very few stores still sell kratom in louisville, although no law has been passed. The police instead allege that the head shop or other store is selling something prohibited, and then seize the entire inventory of anything consumable, which takes months and big lawyer bills to reclaim.

All the charges were dropped, they never tested for ‘synthetic cannabinoids’ (which werent present or any reason to suspect). Because the cops knowingly lied on no evidence. There was also a false charge of disorderly conduct. They will charge you with whatever they want if they think youre blacked out (but i wasnt!). Also i already had a paid lawyer for a pending DUI. Others are not so lucky. I also had multiple fabricated charges in another DUI arrest last year (as well as being attacked without provocation and put on the ground with a knee(?) on my neck so i couldnt breathe last year. Yay, body cameras! And thankfully, they paid attention when i gasped out “i cant breathe”.

However, you have to stipulate no police misconduct to do a plea deal for the DUI, so nothing can be done (this is binding), or have more money for lawyers and go to trial, which tends to increase prosecutorial hostility by 10x.

6 thoughts on “Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

  1. i smoked for a years, from 16 to 26, maybe pausing briefly in between, but when i decided to quit, i just stopped without anything to help me.
    America sounds brutal to me, i can’t imagine the police behaving that way in England. i once got caught with a spliff by an officer, while i was walking down the street to my apartment & the guy told me to be more careful, didn’t even take the joint, just asked me to kill it & smoke it at home.

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    1. I have also had more neutral exchanges with police, that didnt lead to arrest, too, though, a) why being stopped and b) why they ALWAYS want to search me/my car have at times been problematic.

      Also, a high school partner-in-crime was stopped for speeding or something once and they told him “Vacuum your car” and let him go: no dope, but carpet covered in stems & seeds (Huntsville, Alabama).

      Another time cops were called by neighbors at a birthday party i was at. In the end, they told them only not to smoke outside (backyard campfire, also Huntsville).

      But my understanding from some while in treatment and one #blacklivesmatter organizer is that the problem of completely imaginary charges is pervasive and perpetual, not just me.

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  2. Cool experiments n logics.

    Thought provoking stuffs. ( Ofcourse! This is you :- P )

    Sounds interesting.

    All the best to you n ur ebook.

    I will download it then write a review soon.
    I m so so occupied this month.

    Or could you not send me to my email address?

    keep doing great works.
    good day dear

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    1. Yeah i can send it. Ill do it now! FYI though, noisetrade only requires you hand over an email address and zip code, no account creation needed, and i think the mail is for the authors or bands use only, no automatic Noisetrade mail.

      Just sent them.


    2. The two college logic courses i took in circa 2006 were immensely important to me. That was, without plan, the beginning of deconstructing heavy paranoia and fearful shifting illusions id acquired in 2004 (and concealed or suppressed rather well, except when i wanted to discuss it, id say) &&&&&here we stop before we ramble


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