A note on the utility of gender-free pronouns in literature

Consider the phrase “the Raven of Stars begins xyr dance” which is what I was writing (for the Discordian Postcard Conspiracy) the first time I decided I required a multiple genderless possessive. In my case, I wanted to specify that despite being a ‘the’ the Raven of Stars was not-singular yet not-separated entities, and also that it may hold any combinations of genders or agender types. This is considering a being in a somewhat abstract mind/spirit/story realm, but it could have it’s material aspects as well. [a singular genderless/unspecifying possessive would be “xe’s” if I recall the page where I looked this up correctly[

From here, we may consider, when we write of ethereal or not-quite-physical or ‘beyond’ beings, why do we declare them hes or shes? On what basis do we assign them singular vs plural? On an ephemeral vision of a humanoid? On a direct perception of within-their-consciousness? On what basis does the imaginer or experiencer of this other-being assign boundaries to the other-being? It’s a bit of a puzzle, and, technically, assigning them qualities is a quandary too, but adjectives tend to be many and often understood to be abstract anyway, so pronouns are a more pronounced problems, as trans- or non-binary- non-conforming- gendered people have let us know. 

If writing of extraterrestrials, why would they have precisely two genders? Why would any of their genders correspond to our ingrained male/female concepts?

Why do people assign and assume a singular and a determinate binary gender to their deities? Why, especially among monotheists, or especially among the polyreverencing would one not use a default plural/multiple, and decline to assert hard separations? Why not a mutable/genderless? Under what specific circumstances would a singular or gender be thought more correct?

What does one name the Earth-Spirit? What does one name the actor of quantum physics?

[ps: are we not all many uncountable factions within?]

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