Atemporal Pisky Topologies, Simple

Now that POETRY has rejected them, and the ebook is out (& FREE, for the time being, see below [also as PDF for those who don’t want to use an ebook app]), I can post this freely, since it is Publicly Published, few journals, etc, will consider it. I think it is one of the most excellent verse. This one is the lead in the ebook in fact. Though, the first two in it were written much later (9-10/2016) than the bulk of the book. There is also one in it that is much earlier… a post for another day. Without further ado:

Crenarcheota, ancient of days, one of the monophylestics….

By-the-by, seeing what is not a place to blur, becomes annealed, becomes a plum choice for crystallization….

But one to the other, remarking ever that it had been clarity of intent, but noticing also how the strains of philosophy had shotgunned, they said thus that it had multithreaded by neural nets, not by parallels….

On top of the questions, seeing what fresh hell was upon them, they noticed that what had been one was many, and what had been uncut was now hashed….

Then between others, a chaos; but between flutterbys, a standing wave; so they found that their compositions had become characteristic of eudaimonia….

On in the alleyways of psychedelia there were gases to behold. Finding the Naught left by the wayside of the roundabout, they channeled forces into a searching of motives. Finding an embankment of morning glory, they were hinted that the Zeitgeist had been panoptic, but querying strangers, they found circular impressions. Finding Not-Time laced by rumors, they opened up to the insouciant inquiries of the hoi polloi. Seeing it was by nature unscrewed, they did not leave it at that, but for the time being, diverted ‘mongst three space….

One by wonders the two-toed went, animalcule and homunculus – sentence in mind, mind in sentence – a drastic departure of the chatterings of hummingbirds. Finding a nexus by ripples, they intoned & cracked brews..

The book can be downloaded, and there are links for places where it can be bought at:

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My present target is 1,000 downloads and 500 sales. It will takes time, I imagine, though my resources are also greater now (actually midnight tomorrow, not now, we think…)

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