Cryptogram of Cosmic Glue

Loki Sequence Alpha #19

This is the second poem in Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes. This one was also written much later than the bulk of the book, in late September/ early October last year, when I was at treatment. It got a standing ovation at the treatment open mic…. The first 1000 or so downloads at the link above will be free. There are also links to stores there… I have also created a shortlink to the above for easy analog sharing & memory:

.. The flames licking the sides – bursts of activity – creation or destruction – Some things imply, while others recoil .. If and Only If is symmetrical, yes… While some minds may be of Unity, or among the unity of universe, yet others recoil from what’s next – sensing, in their bones, that they are headed to an undefined – a null pointer, a fork bomb with dynamic inheritance &c, etc …..

.. #! & ./, methodically scribbling, we take for our alpha the zero point void, construct via antisense entangling photons, up is down & down is sideways & sideways is topwise & topwise is looking-glass-ways; : What Spirit? World Spirit!! Enduring ever, even if the land people burn out the globesphere & the dolphin people, even so, Mother Gaia, & Spider Mother, they grow a new intelligence; it is as Star Goddess made them; – yet our main sequence yellow star..: Also finite . . Yet with all our Theorems, cannot see, cannot see, cannot know what will be… Yet see End User License Agreements & Pre-Incarnation Instructions just in case of hints or portents or sleet …..

.. Aleph .. the instantaneous .. All things you have seen are true .. the rest only imaginary. The endless N-dimensional fractal foam, merging and re-splitting of any alternate worldlines…; Sometimes with total disregard for rationality, logic, science. Yet imaginary; yet normal – Yet the numbers in all & Yes, the usefulness of the impossible phantom – Yet lightning in a bottle, without ever diminishing the potency & Qi of Spark & Sparkle.. let be, let be, let be, let do …..

.. Resonances of motive-understory [..] Keying into the determining mass of All-Unspoken – visions of triplets while amongst twinning of spirits — medically masterful, the Hatter ‘mongst the Djinni went in multiple pieces, touching of each path to which he desired, those allowed both with those unallowed, yet while also skipping around each mandatory or necessary division or nexus. Rekindling in THAT PLACE of no time, he erupts …..

.. Alarm!! By which person was ever there an integer? You? You? You? …. Perhaps someone in the back or in the cellphone malware ..? 1 by 2, 2 by quick, quick by screw, victor of mutation; totting up all the rolling piles of them, significant bit by significant point realigning yourself in gleeful dusk; the deep dark holds no terrors for us, no, no, no …..

.. Riddle me these SQL queries seven: the nation being more insane or less lunatic or different shades of eccentric, moment by moment, day by day by day: be it by formula or trend or steering committee? Could it of asudden produce outbursts, bursting forth in flower power, all ashocked & atwittering of itself? Will it uncountably balance & grow & metastasize & twirl & spit? Of the spirits, among & between, ever to accrue & integrate, or ever to waste & diminish? Balance, Balance, Balance, & Deprogram, lest ye be made undone & undone & undone… In application of Hat-Trick Transforms over Switchflip Axiom on matrix of RNA world floating codes & single-celled fungus, .never discount faeries, nor despise customers …..

::: Dilate under starways, distill true choices in shadow, Blessed Be & Merry Part :::

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