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This poem opens the 1st of the 3 main sections of Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes , the first 1000 copies of which are available free at the link. This one was composed during the late 2014 to fall 2015 timeframe where the main bulk of the book was written. The section is entitled Lunatic Fringes, Stand and Mobilize :::::

We walked in the sun, we walked in the rain
We walked in doubt and we walked in certainty
We walked on concrete and we walked on sand
We walked forever in a haze of unreason
We walked into a cave with banners held high
We walked along a cliff’s edge, we walked in single file
We walked in joy, we walked with sorrow
We walked with pain and we walked in pleasure
All the many states we walked through –
We developed blisters and took a rest
Getting up to walk again, we saw our shadows
Sleeping in the nights we heard a calling
Our feet took us anywhere we wished to go
And many places we didn’t
We worked and we danced, we sowed and we reaped
The leaves falling down around us betokened loss;
But the sun above betokened ever-present hope

::::: I have also created a shortlink to the above for easy memory and analog sharing:

PS: It is shocking to me how absolutely everyone can be so completely unwilling and incurious to give something a try WHEN IT IS LITERALLY FREE, AND THESE ARE FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS! Wtf. Here is a reader review of the earlier (1/1/16), quite messy version from a fellow poet:

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