is this thing on?

In a tangle of bloody elbows [ > ]

(check, 1, 2)

Who is in the mist clouding over your eyes?

(Mr. Tailor & His Fancy Rat, Pettigrew, take 1 *clack*)

The edges were alleyways, the ocean, verboten

(fa, sol, la, ti)

Someone, meet that one; no one, meet everyone; V, meet Tyler; shadow, meet this one

(Lights? Check. Flaps? Check. Scalpel? Check. No sponges left in the patient? Oopss…)

Tick for timings, stick for rhymings, bricks for smashing, birds for envy; a time to sow and a time to reap [ < ]

(oh, shit, is this thing on?)

Who laughs last? Who makes your eyes v(green grass)?

4 thoughts on “is this thing on?

  1. ah, the <em.tags are part of the piece?   I should have figured from the title, but I missed that – got it once I read the tags; have to go back to it now: actually, it got me to the first level … there’s more …


  2. The non-alphanumeric characters are part of the piece, yes. I like to play with them often. And the ‘v(green grass)’ is meant to specify that ‘green grass’ is a verb that your eyes are acting, not a noun. Similarly we can declare that something ‘v(big bangs adj(multiply)’. Multipl-ee not -multipl-eye. I did that once. Not published as yet. Called ‘The Game of Boxes / A Replication of Frames’. Time, perhaps, to start working on another manuscript since some stuff is maybe too funky with artifices for litmags (and i have not the time, patience, or dedication to churn out submissions (or, do I?, as yet…)).


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