Some Assembly Required

Some assembly required:
In that case, you have reference to the screwdriver
In case of portents, check your guesses
You may then have reference to coffee & pills
In a short-short space of time
(For a life’s an eye blink)
Take care of eventualities
While the store-bought wisdom is ghostly,
Yet the wine-dark mind obtains to qualia
Spit out the goat, inhale some freedom
Life unwired is the enkephalin
And so, re-sorting out the pipes and micromachineries
We roll out vexed, and floating in equipoise

5 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

    1. I was thinking after i wrote this that Maybe I’ll start tagging things ‘abstract poetry’. Or ‘abstract’ or ‘non-representational poetry’. In my first roundabout of being an art major, we were taught that what is popularly meant by abstract is actually not what it’s called in ‘the art world’. Something abstract is abstracted from something real (like ‘nude descending a staircase’ or monet). Whereas at some point painters started doing stuff they assrrted had no relation to real objects, hence, non-representational. But the line, i guess, was blurry enough over time, and one term much quicker to say, so, people continue to call it abstract. Not wrongly, id say, since dictionaries are documents of actual use, not prescriptivist endeavors.

      So. No. You are not dumb. But i write to some degree by sound, ir ‘intuitively’, very often, and the connection to a determinate statement I’m trying to make can be absent, or only there in small islands at many times. ‘Abstract Poetry’.

      (One might also call it ‘lazy poetry’ since I quite often turn the crank for 10 minutes and let fly with only 3x30seconds reflection or mulling, no rewrite)

      And I use one of tge first 4 words to bubble up, often the first, if I don’t reject it. Sometimes I deliberately reject stuff that would make it seem clear, on account of a blunt or mundane sound, or because Im referring to something real which might damage something in a real world relationship. I want to write stuff, copiously, and making it opaque gives me freedom to say without fallout. But also, getting tied up by a concrete clause, like getting stuck in a rhyming-loop, can tend to take the chain to a sort of unmusical and bludgeoning direction, and lose the connection to fine semantic stitching that I like in my own work.

      In this case, I wanted to use the ‘quiet’ graffiti image from today, & the fragment ‘[…] you have reference to [object, not text or knowledge]’ , and for personal reasons work in that someone, me, ‘needs a bit of assembly’, as opposed to being a ‘project’ (..) had not planned to meet anyone in person from the dating app in person for at least a couple months, but it happened, and as is my habit for better or worse, i declined to fashion a pretty lie to cover my deficits…

      In the case of enkephalins, wiktionary offers seven different senses for the adjective type of ‘wired’. And enkephalin, it turns out, is from the greek for brain +in. This is after the fact. So obe might conjecture that the mental sub-basement here is asserting that life without electronics is more firmly centered in the brain, or more grounded in felt experience. Or one could derive many other conjectures…


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      1. Might be an idea to tag. Y’see, people don’t want to assume, it can be presumptuous to assume somebody doesn’t have meaningful intention, by which i mean, the poem as a vehicle to express something direct, no matter how obfuscated that statement might be.

        i do get that intuitive element from your poetry, it reads like a man with much on his mind, a mind that doesn’t need fashioning but needs to produce.
        i am trying to do something similar, to let what i know infiltrate my content, from reading & observation of culture, society & self. However, i just can’t let go of artifice or meaning. The poems end up with motifs on a theme, which makes for an interesting process. i am also writing a lot of essays lately & in the manner of Kenneth Burke i am trying to find a poetic outlet for the theory. Burke mastered this for me, his poems can be read as a microcosm of his criticism.

        You may not realize, but you actually influence to keep myself limber & open. So thanks.

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      2. May be. I can see. Likely a fragment of paranoia(s) (they can be emotionally positive, too), but I have wondered if you’re working on a book about me.. As to letting go of concrete reference, I think writing to a quantity line, at speed helps. Added-ly, i reread this here: … (12/2015) just earlier. Id be interested in your thoughts thereon. It was written in a roughly 3×4″ spiral bound, while lit, and posted exactly as written, without even spelling alterations. It was later that night (post-peak) I began sending the postcards (#1 – 50). Id had them for weeks without writing,l. It popped in the related posts under this.


    2. […] as in, “if this [self irritating thing] does not cease by then, you may have reference to a half (12.5mg) seroquel, i approve” an internal monologue operator fragment that has joined my standard lexicon […]

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