On the Streams of Threadless Nonsense Exchanges

The threadless nonsense song of being
One of the strands that is there, but not usually easily accessible
Who is the Holy Mother?
The Universe, the Earth habitat of Gaian intelligence, we ourselves, the spinners of the words?
In the truth which is immanence, She becomes all of these and more
Yet our minds can spin & weave only so many threads of thought and self at any given moment

Threadless jabberwocky, awe-inspiring, at times giving the feel of sense, yet on the whole never parseable to definites. Threadless glossolalia, unvoiced fantastic sounds visiting him or her or them from beyond the veil of subconsious, beyond the veil of the real world,
beyond, beyond, beyond,
yet is it?

Once upon a time, all the rays outside the narrow neighborhood of visible light were beyond sight of any instrument, beyond knowledge, unsuspected –
How many planes beyond our resting frame could there be? How many, and how strange?
We like to think.
Can a thing be other than absolutely real or unreal? Can reality be a quality that changes both in time and over other fields and rulers? Can it be a non-numerical quantity?
What is a non-numerical quantity?

It has been said, “The world may be not only stranger than we think, but stranger than we can think?”
It has been said, “What if mathematics do not describe universal laws, but instead merely the processes our selves, our hardware must use to think about the Universe?”

Doubt it not.
Call it into being.

Quotes/Paraphrases: Robert Anton Wilson books
Featured Image: Glossolalia / Speaking in Tongues – Church attendees
image from: James Bishop’s Theological Rationalism – An Objective Look At “Speaking in Tongues” in 8 Brief Points
Note: ‘Glossolalia’ is a term also used in trip report literature for both things vocalized and (immaterial) things heard. Often but not always in logs from classical psychedelic drug experiences.


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