34 Sun-Circles Worth of Round-tuitiveness

As we approach 34 completed circles around the sun –

– A tiny fraction of arc around the galactic core –

– the object of our contemplation is “Round-tuitiveness as a Mathematical Quantity”;
Where under chemical stress, the trash is not put out for weeks and weeks,
Where under a standard collection of quotidian concerns, our ambitions pile too high to cope with without greater patience
Where the hunt for quick wins remains a venture on the fruitless
Where meditation teaches us to purposively do nothing whatsoever
Where ‘methoxylated tryptamines’ and the cherries advert from the work stereo (a grocery store) get lodged in loops in the mind
, 34 one-sided equilateral curves (and of zero corners or an infinite quantity)
Weeding can be managed with less than 10 minutes a day,
But when will these dead CFL bulbs be disposed of?
A clock in the form of an aluminum can runs down
And the process of typing becomes again the process of purging old posts

#orbits #revolutions #aging #procrastination

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