A hazel eye watches the madness spin

A hazel eye watches the madness spin
Take two bird’s egg green pills and recite the Bodhisattvas’ Vow 17 times, call when you haven’t slept a wink 2 nights

Squawking cell phone rings burst into colored bubbles
Synaesthetic methodology reframes the calculations

Mutations of swirling radiance in hazy permutable lexicons
Eat from no vegetable or animal, only chemicals

Take the time to smell the fibonaccis or keep your intention fixed on mammon
Hear no word, speak no word, read no word, write no word

Let a third way open up between now and forever
Drop the rock and find yourself in scattered anxious chaos

One cannot find stillness without being still nor silence while making plans
End on discordant atonal and sweat about the miles high stack of problems

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