Helium Dreams

High above the civil war battlefields he floats
In a new novel,
He escapes a white man’s suicide from Barbados with his aeronaut master
The universe’ long ballet from big bang to the first stars (Hydrogen-Helium Hypergiants)
Humanity’s long tale of riveerrun from before taming fire to (still unmastered) hydrogen fusion reactors
2nd element ever in natural history,
1st with a compound nucleus

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is known to raise human nerve growth factor synthesis when taken orally –
Take before bed for fruitful dreams;
But it was doing that forever before we 1st ate it
And we were eating it maybe a millennium or more before we had tools to look into it

Floating into a limitless sky –
To where life floats in a gas torus without ground,
And every species can fly

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