Soon Coming

Soon coming –
A new way of thought
Challenging the identities
Challenging the toxins
Weather of Earth, climate of Heaven –
Permanent destruction and extinction
Is climate change the reason we see no extraterrestrials?
Or do they simple not use radio waves?
Is the asteroid a solar sail,
Or just a rock we haven’t seen the keys to calculate properly?
How many times must you tell yourself,
[speak only silence!]?

5 thoughts on “Soon Coming

  1. Do you watch much conspiracy theory stuff? I am not pointing the finger, I get the feeling you may be like me, curious about the way in which conspiracy theorists think, but not enticed to the truth of their ideas.
    I recently discovered Eduard Billy Meier. That man has some seriously far out things to say & his photos of UFOs, some taken while inside a UFO following other UFOs, are about as bold as you get if they are a hoax. I am not particularly interested in proving anything wrong, the truth is overrated in such examples, I thoroughly enjoy the “evidence” of these “researchers”; as I always say: “better than Netflix.


    1. Not since 2004ish. But some actual scientists proposed that the 2nd extrastellar object weve seen may be the same as the first from a few months back and that made it a candidate for being a spacecraft not and asteroid. Other scientists, of course, say ‘you havent ruled everything else out yet’ – npr. as near as i recall.

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      1. I read about that. If you follow some of the recent conspiracy stuff, this fits in with some researchers claims that we are being prepared for what they call Disclosure, which is the revelation by the U.S. Govt that we have in the past & continue to be visited & have interactions with alien races, have done for decades, even centuries. This is why Tom de Longe left Blink 182 haha. I am sure these Disclosure people are talking about this potential spacecraft doing a recci of Earth.
        While not my main source of entertainment, I am still very much drawn to conspiracy stuff, especially lectures. I find it all very dramatic.

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