Blazing / Pot-Shots

A human – silent; waiting, shadowless
Stroke – the lurking cat : a waiting taut thread
Peaceful – chosen from the many nondescript; a livid cartoon against war
Read: Surrealist Vehicle – Experimental Noise : three specters share your rooms
Empty thoughts chase circles $ loop-working round trauma-thoughts

Vacant mind between nirvanas – pickpockets’ pot-shots carom through the headline screw
Tempting – vaporous tremor pops through consciousness
Empress > blazing sudden summer sun
Winter yet; gunfire still mere metaphor – wait for the next shoe to

drop.. your life plans; all goes to pieces
Day follows day : weeks and moneys lose meaning

Just finished reading ALICE in only 2 days — Hard to put down between chapters. “A psychotic journey through the bowels of magic and madness” (Warning: large amounts of human/sex trafficking /slavery content)

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