Every day is only a blank page if… You are sequestered and retuned to the ancient questions If you are broken and bruised with nowhere to go If you are allowed your needles and your junk If you are smoked out and then blown up If you are entranced by the rhythms of the beat […]

A Challenge, River Nights

Something will always be left Yet you know it never lasts There is always time for more There is always a way forward A program comes closer to completion The treble is rising to the sky Clever methodical monkeys The political process is breaking The clever of the Angels rings you up with a collection […]


Imagine there was an ancient war. Imagine it was 10 million years ago. Imagine we won that war (larger pirate ships than the adversaries’ were employed) Imagine our allies concealed us (they had to turn us back into monkeys) We had skills they didn’t, they had science we didn’t We had conspiracy theories and ruthlessness […]