Urban Archaeology, Photos, Mantra Meditation

Was surfing Wikipedia yesterday, and found that Science! says that among non-drug treatments for anxiety studied (a meta-analysis), they generally showed efficacy of similar magnitude, with one exception: Transcendental Meditation (TM) had outsized efficacy in reducing anxiety. (Wikipedia: Anxiolytic) Comparisons included Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EEG Biofeedback. I scanned the TM article and it appears to be […]

A note on the utility of gender-free pronouns in literature

Consider the phrase “the Raven of Stars begins xyr dance” which is what I was writing (for the Discordian Postcard Conspiracy) the first time I decided I required a multiple genderless possessive. In my case, I wanted to specify that despite being a ‘the’ the Raven of Stars was not-singular yet not-separated entities, and also that […]

Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

It is very true. To cut down, just 5 more minutes, just finding one more thing to do, before smoking, is the way to win. I would not recommend cutting down as a quitting strategy, but it is worth doing in its own right. I understand people who smoke in the house have much higher […]

Assemblages of ‘Spooks’

The ends of all things No one questions the force of G(ravity) Yet all is redacted Unaware of fragments Unaware of lands built of story and upwelling song, rather than atoms Unaware of the drumbeat of marching backwardization Beware of the Tubes Beware of the Islets Beware of the Ghost Factories Beware of your heart […]

Superpositions of Types Across the Interpersonal Chasm

. . . . . a lever falling into place as a switch, chaos & control resurgent, limitations between our understanding of one another; no one may know what kinds of conversations we have within, insofar as we even notice them — beyond and above, beneath and below, the biochemistry variances are infinite yet echo […]

…times when one seems utterly to disintegrate (!)

Flipping and catching the ruler, one finds that things look different from the different ends. The ends of the scale, while a seamless whole, give disparate images. The Whole of Life transcends, the particulars of it opinionate & form reality tunnels. Chaos is not the quarter of it. Falling into silence, the gathered Zen practitioners […]