We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made (soundcloud) + Microbe Magicks

Listen to We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made :: Improvisation 7.21.2017 by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud Microbe Magicks Spectacular animalcules flock together like the dust of stars Straight out of Maxwell’s book of daemons Loosely attached by the nonlocal mindfield Staring at your coal and calculating fates Wake by the dawn and pray […]

3 poems w/ writing advice. 4/23, 4/29

Imagining warlords Cut through by chaos That was a fucking intelligent move Try once for the battle Try twice for the people Try eighteen times for love Speak in tune with quiet Speak for the broken Beltway Watch for loud hailers Watch for patchwork quilts Watch the time for rage Watch the time for questions Watch what’s […]

Superpositions of Types Across the Interpersonal Chasm

. . . . . a lever falling into place as a switch, chaos & control resurgent, limitations between our understanding of one another; no one may know what kinds of conversations we have within, insofar as we even notice them — beyond and above, beneath and below, the biochemistry variances are infinite yet echo […]