It’s Conflicated.

It’s conflicated. We don’t have public agreements, only secret ones. Screaming conflicts of interest? Sure. But who’s counting? Not me, for one. Regulating my own family business. Regulating the competitors out of their undeserved greenbacks. Fake! Twig the reporters and snap the Queen’s bra. Take a chance on us; Get thrown under the bus. These […]

Helium Dreams

High above the civil war battlefields he floatsIn a new novel,He escapes a white man’s suicide from Barbados with his aeronaut masterThe universe’ long ballet from big bang to the first stars (Hydrogen-Helium Hypergiants)Humanity’s long tale of riveerrun from before taming fire to (still unmastered) hydrogen fusion reactors2nd element ever in natural history,1st with a […]

Lost in Mist

Lost between mountainsLost between memoriesLost to past livesLost by time passing,     beer after beer Disappearing without noticeVanished, and goneAn aimless despondent jumpNo plans, no plotFrom tribe to solitudeFrom failing to idle A pent up gnawing voidAwake and awareSevered from trunkClosed off, alone Walking into the workshopUnplugging the flowSending telegrams to the voidUnder no name at all

New Blog Page: Practical Posts

I’ve added a page collecting some ‘Practical Posts’ I’ve written to the fold-out menu. A couple on web design, psychology/medicine, writing, and one on economics and one other as yet. Practical Posts on Lost in Mist ; This is a work in progress and may expand. This is all the time I have for it for today.

Sunken Treasures: Sylvia Earle on Why We Need to Protect the Oceans

A fantastic article: … Touches on many ocean issues, pluses and minuses. The particularly cool thing is that it deals directly with the particular concern of my website, in a major publication, the first I’ve seen, albeit not with the *site* or the University of Leicester study directly

34 Sun-Circles Worth of Round-tuitiveness

As we approach 34 completed circles around the sun – – A tiny fraction of arc around the galactic core – – the object of our contemplation is “Round-tuitiveness as a Mathematical Quantity”; Where under chemical stress, the trash is not put out for weeks and weeks, Where under a standard collection of quotidian concerns, […]