Sudden Onset

Respecify your outlays – decertify your insets Empty set recursion – lost within the divide-by-zero abstract & densely populated depthless-pool-of space, that> Void Arrangement of cloud chamber sketch animations dancing among & between waving vines – frenetic vines – graceful & intense. And then the 2nd figure in intense liberation and motion, patternless synchrony, never a wrong […]

The Daily Spin-Out

ZipZipZip Around&Around Ambition is a curse Though it need not be Pile on To-Dos Always dog yourself for falling behind Become paralyzed Every afternoon With nowhere to go to Break State Want AllTheThings Done. At once! But cannot Simplify, Reduce, Organize, Sort, Make space, Make relaxation, Make money, Make space, Make space, Make space. To […]

…times when one seems utterly to disintegrate (!)

Flipping and catching the ruler, one finds that things look different from the different ends. The ends of the scale, while a seamless whole, give disparate images. The Whole of Life transcends, the particulars of it opinionate & form reality tunnels. Chaos is not the quarter of it. Falling into silence, the gathered Zen practitioners […]


Every day is only a blank page if… You are sequestered and retuned to the ancient questions If you are broken and bruised with nowhere to go If you are allowed your needles and your junk If you are smoked out and then blown up If you are entranced by the rhythms of the beat […]