Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise

Halfway to the sound and fury Starting from first past the post We stick our fingers in our ears and say “La, La, La, I can’t hear you!” The end is nigh, or the trend is pell-mell, helter skelter When the tubes begin to eat your brains, note how they are televisions that watch back, […]

Urban Archaeology, Photos, Mantra Meditation

Was surfing Wikipedia yesterday, and found that Science! says that among non-drug treatments for anxiety studied (a meta-analysis), they generally showed efficacy of similar magnitude, with one exception: Transcendental Meditation (TM) had outsized efficacy in reducing anxiety. (Wikipedia: Anxiolytic) Comparisons included Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EEG Biofeedback. I scanned the TM article and it appears to be […]

Photos + One blueprint on quitting smoking

It is very true. To cut down, just 5 more minutes, just finding one more thing to do, before smoking, is the way to win. I would not recommend cutting down as a quitting strategy, but it is worth doing in its own right. I understand people who smoke in the house have much higher […]

We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made (soundcloud) + Microbe Magicks

Listen to We Are Stranger than this Clock-World We’ve Made :: Improvisation 7.21.2017 by conspiritech #np on #SoundCloud Microbe Magicks Spectacular animalcules flock together like the dust of stars Straight out of Maxwell’s book of daemons Loosely attached by the nonlocal mindfield Staring at your coal and calculating fates Wake by the dawn and pray […]

Assemblages of ‘Spooks’

The ends of all things No one questions the force of G(ravity) Yet all is redacted Unaware of fragments Unaware of lands built of story and upwelling song, rather than atoms Unaware of the drumbeat of marching backwardization Beware of the Tubes Beware of the Islets Beware of the Ghost Factories Beware of your heart […]

*Hyea! ->

Shock tango Weather the storm Snap & crackle the drop caps Shade & shine the Chasm polyvalent Neuroscience News* compels you Abrupt keepsakes of ‘without warranty’ & ‘no guarantees’ Cortextual rhythms of Loopdemous flow #aptTiming ~ [ [ decryption threads topology: “to each xyr own,” ++ “it takes all kinds” ] ] ~ ~ ~ […]