Disorderly [conduct] Tiles

The thing you never notice The tiles on the floor They run in checkered patterns Line borders Maintain the veneer of the clock-world Whitish speckle, perfect level, hard concrete for your toes Until one day, you’ve noticed someone took a special touch Made it more inviting, de-institutioned your morning rush

Freud Has Nothing on Me

you spend*more time annoyed o*r worried by dIshes that take minut*es to deal with focus – the idEa of the image will*come let it Impinge like light Projected in don’t force* the points into*place let go thAt impulse they just fa*ll off again you juSt flow can’t can’t can’T do it all today put it […]

Persona non Grata

Fleeting hope & false promise      I wait Eagerly for the weight of polite lies & petty hypocrisies      Endemic in America sociopathic norms      Rot, Rot foundations, you have ended yourself & bring it crashing down      The power of false words They have their own consequences      The fantasy of flawlessness The bright […]