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Solved: Formatting Poetry for HTML and CSS This is a post describing how to apply hanging indents for long lines, as is traditional in poetry, and without having to place each line in a separate paragraph tag (which would otherwise create a blank line between each and confuse search engines as to stanzas). If I don’t say it in the post, you can press shift+enter for a new line without a paragraph break in WordPress’ editor or in MS Word or Libre Office.

SEO for WordPress Users A post describing how to improve search engine crawler friendliness. Written for users of, but many parts also apply to private wordpress installations or homemade HTML/CSS pages.


The Stock Market is Not the Economy; The GDP is Not the Economy A description of sorts of how the Real Economy extends far beyond these measurable indicators that are ubiquitous in the media. Further commentary in the comments.


Making Your Smartphone Work For You A post on how to use a smartphone for functional living and productivity instead of a compulsive infinite distraction engine. That said, I’ve found I’m much better off since losing my smartphone and getting a flip phone again. This post is on my (so far) abortive blog Synapse Weaver: Fine Tuning Living Rhythms, and is so far the only post there. If I decide to axe the blog, I’ll copy the post to this one and update the link here.

Urban Archaeology and Mantra Meditation The urban archaeology is primarily photos of graffiti. Scroll down for some discussion on anxiety and non-chemical treatments, among which is mantra meditation and a bit of personal commentary thereon.

Photos + One Blueprint for Quitting Smoking I still haven’t successfully quit, but here are some tips on easing the process and other information. The photos, again, are mostly not relevant to the text topic, except for one. On a side note, kratom has returned to stores in Louisville (related to a point not really part of the ‘quit smoking’ ideas)


Poetry Formatting for Kindle

A Note on the Utility of Gender-Free Pronouns in Literature

Objections to Poetry’s Gatekeepers in the Atlantic A bit of commentary by me and a link to the article.

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