Snapping off the totality…

Reasonable binges over limited times Break state against highlighted codes Attempt one pushover, slide forth the pawn Trawling for leads over the sea of many-minds Flip script & re-tune, bail out the pumpkinheads while supergluon pranksters obtain Allotments of question marks overrun, ampersands & exclams, bang tags programmatically traded Close to the inner wire, thankless […]

Objections to Poetry’s ‘Gatekeepers’ (the Atlantic)

Poetry Isn’t as Useless as a Lot of Folks Say It Is …. “That’s because folks like Alexander have worked to create a myth of an essential poetry, poetry that is important because of what it is, rather than because of what it says. It’s long past time, therefore, that we stopped asking “What Use Is […]

Plotless Abstractions

Hexes in space, grid forms dimensional Cross quarter silence changing to knight’s gambit Visual textual dialectic constructing castles I reside with the moon above Chanting the secret names of the underneath Walking in quietude with the sages ====================================== New blog name and new About page. Also new post on Spindle Thread Weave Stitch Trim later which has […]

Psychotomimetic Counterpoise

A counterbalancing weight An equally opposing force Newton’s third law The Psychosis opposes The Psychosis Balances The Psychosis at odds with the world Or the balancer of the psychotomimetic force? The balance of the world’s symbolic consciousness Tipping right into senseless automatism Tipping left into mania As the man on wire we walk As the […]