Snapping off the totality…

Reasonable binges over limited times Break state against highlighted codes Attempt one pushover, slide forth the pawn Trawling for leads over the sea of many-minds Flip script & re-tune, bail out the pumpkinheads while supergluon pranksters obtain Allotments of question marks overrun, ampersands & exclams, bang tags programmatically traded Close to the inner wire, thankless […]

Conspiritech’s Hexylmathemagica Chaos Koans – 4/29/2017

Implied by the sandstorms, the storm keys were en route. Not to be taken unawares, the tricksiest of the Pixies came alive in the ferment & brought the lightning. A regular pulsation set up the surfboards on the slipstream rolling over the non-local standing waves — the mixup was a mashup, the mashup was a […]

Undefined Operat(ors)(ives)(ions)

The picketers in the dream were rock-solid – a rock crusher was brought in. Unmoved, the Raven of Stars began xyr¹ dance. The fires were aglitter in all the cities, towns, villages, & hamlets, on all the continents. While we had taken into account to be no wise certain, we were also quite sure, !- […]


æ§∫.:/\:..:/\:../\:..:/\:..:/\:.∫§æ Below is a sample of writing in which I did not try to create lines or sentences or coherence, did not avoid rhyme or meaning (although I may have dodged a couple mentions of touchy subjects).  More automatic than any recent item.  Some cleanup of spelling slips and misplaced dots was done.  Following further […]