Bottles up & open

Step left or right Let no one see you stumble Instagram perfect life Triazolam & dextro amphetamine & zolpidem & fluoxetine & nicotine & diacetylmorphine & caffeine & ibuprofen & THC Band gap sudden springboard ‘allo old boy what’chu need? Mostly postage, peace, & quiet Stretch symbols to break & hybridize Stop to flourish, 4 […]

Tremendous differences,

Heroes are figuring into this Scriggle all the things!! Site traffic surging Several methods, including postcards No donors, though… Serious enterprise Having fun ; much work I have other things I ought to do; Like homework See all the sites!! Get Soundcloud upload done Sign Up! mailing list… No site yet Send mail to […]

~:-:-:-:~ title goes here ~:-:-:-:~

Wordless, tapped out, feeling pointless. What motivates us to write? When does it become merely a duty? Just a ploy to gain views? How do we keep on when feeling unpoetic? Perhaps, in this case switching to prose. Reflections on life today or what have you… or something else, whatever. Feeling semi-pointless at the moment. […]