Meditation with Intention & Writing

Set focus of intention before meditation. Write those down to avoid fuzzy vague mindedness. Select a card or random passage for advice Write seven lines on your advice theme, fear not tangents! Set timer for meditation Proceed. Making out breath counts longer than in breath releases relaxation forces, practice this Or square breathing, in x, […]

Organizing Principles

Cut Out, Throw Away, Reduce, Simplify, Reuse, Keep Clean All along the angels watch us, ever silently All along we take our tea with Demonoid, the Faeries, Lao Tzu Master of Ceremonies wants no part of your foolhardiness In each Time Replace symbols With acts > But note: Questions unspoken can plague you But those […]

Finding a Space, Clearing a Place

Filtering out the ways and means Tuning yourself to the ever present amber existence Being clear on what you want Seeming to ever be clear headed Dreaming of ways to build your houses Finding the space for yourself somewhere Bringing along the animals Severing connections to the systems of corporations Severing connections to the systems […]


So. We have to redo this all over again. Fuck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excretion. Ingestion. Metabolism. Alkaloids. Alcohols. Aminos. Ethers. Ketones. Sugars. High. Low. Smashed. Wired. Hurtin’. Trippin’. Twisted. Blowed. Lit. Smokin’, Shootin’, Drinkin’, Snorting, Poppin Pills Livers, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Skin, Occasionally Kidneys. Mystical, Dreamy, Hedonic, Verbal, Repetitive, Healing. Nervous, Panicked, Enlightened, Compulsive, Depressed, Manic~ Persecuted, […]


Sifting through the pieces Of broken 2013 Reassembling a thing or two Tossing out others Create Increase Build a new way Send darts of creative chaos More effecting than webs Channel power into transmission Make closer political speech Work toward the building of environment Contact the galleries Imagine the receiver Wondering who thought of them […]