Backspin Slot Machine Enigma

Sliding by the lucky numbers Erupting one by one in the queue Tailor-made for your death, The cigarettes roll off the machines by the trillion Slivers and buzzing bees, befuddlement and stereo-code When the president goes for psychiatric treatment, he will have a locked ward all to himself, and all the staff will need highest […]

Conspiritech’s Hexylmathemagica Chaos Koans – 4/29/2017

Implied by the sandstorms, the storm keys were en route. Not to be taken unawares, the tricksiest of the Pixies came alive in the ferment & brought the lightning. A regular pulsation set up the surfboards on the slipstream rolling over the non-local standing waves — the mixup was a mashup, the mashup was a […]

Leadership Quotes & Poem

These are interesting, from my new blog follower (358th!) “You do not have to hold a position to be a leader” Henry Ford So true in the Internet age, too Shipment of devices, emergent systems, and thoughts of chaos theory Small systems, following simple rules, many upon many, Creating large and complex systems, creating […]

Bioelectric Hologram Network

Large systems of complex rules coded top down poorly followed poorly conceived . No matter how careful complexity control eludes . Multitude of agent actors five-finger simple rules Replicant patterns emergent order the implicate polarities align via clustering feedback . Ripstop stitching one by one we piece it brick by grain chip by axon atom […]